Viola Balázs


My name is Viola Balázs. I was born in 1986, Budapest. Growing up in a post- socialistic area basically defined and influenced my aesthetic visions. As a textile pattern designer I have had the privilege to not only be a founding member of VYF Scarves, but also to work on various national and international art projects and to design patterns for local, contemporary brands/designers. In my designs I have a conscious yet playful vision, with a keen interest in intricate all-over patterns, playing with odd space connections and solving geometrical problems.

Throughout my career, I have gained significant experience in pattern composition and placement on garments not only to cater to specific needs, but also to achieve continuity by the seams and elevate the product.

In recent times, due to the needs of my customers, I mainly worked on digital printing projects, however I also love using manual techniques. Such as freehand drawing, painted elements and dimensional structures.

I find making a pattern collection, the perfect way of telling a story.